How to Watch the NFL Sunday Ticket Live Online without Cable

If you are a diehard fans of NFL, then you will want to be open to all the options to follow your favorite team. If you want to know the opportunity to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Online without cable, then this post is the right one for you. So, get ready to stream. The 2018 NFL season is fast approaching. While it is harder to come to the venue or make it on time on your living room to watch the games from TV, being a cord-cutter is the best option that you have. Cutting the cord and wait in the stable platforms like Sling TV, Netflix, and other options is a fantastic experience for those who have been enough with TV cable. The good thing here is that you can actualize it well. You can watch the ESPN and all the other NFL significant channels without cable. Not to mention that the NFL Sunday Ticket is available online too. There are two main things that you need to prepare to enjoy the service: your compatible device and decent internet connection. Here we are going to share you the complete guide of watching the NFL Sunday Ticket live online without cable.

nfl sunday ticket live

NFL Sunday Ticket TV

It is one of the best correct ways to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Online from your favorite screen. If you don’t have DirecTV satellite service, you could use NFLSundayTicket.TV as the alternative option. AT&T is the excellent company behind this solution. To get the NFL package from the DirecTV, you will need to visit its official website and choose the boxes. The NFLST TV package revolves around the significant live games as well as out-of-market games that you can’t watch locally. You will need to pay $69.99 per month for four months contract, or a single payment of $276.96. Add $100 more; you will be able to enjoy the Max Bundle that has NFL RedZone, Fantasy Zone, for the entire season.

Sunday Ticket TV U

Sunday Ticket TV U is a common choice for students who are tight on budget. You can attain the NFL Sunday Ticket package at affordable rate. Only students are eligible to enjoy the student subscription. Keep in mind that the kind of subscription is not meant to auto-renew. So, when your enrollment as student has finished, you will not be able to get the special student bundle. It is coming from the NFLST.TV U. The package costs $24.99 per month or $99.96 for the entire season.

DIRECTV Subscribers

Keep in mind that the NFL Sunday Ticket games are only available in the DIRECTV. The NFL Sunday Ticket provides all the out-of-market games every Sunday. That means you don’t have to waste your time and money for other options if you want to stick with the Sunday games. The NFL Sunday Ticket will be free of cost for the new customers. But you will need to pay after using the service. The price also increases from year to year. The regular package is $293.94 per season. You could also choose the 6-month period package that costs you $48.99 per month. If you are planning to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket Online the entire year, it is best to choose the regular package for annual basis. NFL Sunday Ticket also renews after the first season you enjoy. The NFL Sunday Ticket includes the local channels like CBS and FOX that broadcast the NFL games in select area.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Online gives you passage to enjoy every out-of-market Sunday game so that you won’t be stuck watching Patriots games when you want to watch Cowboys games. The good thing about official NFL Sunday Ticket is that it adds the NFL Sunday Ticket Game Mix Channel. This feature allows the users to watch four to eight live games on one screen, along with the complete information like the possession, field position, and so on. There’s been question revolving the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Sunday Ticket Max. You might wonder which is the best for you. The NFL Sunday Ticket Max is more expensive than the other one. It provides useful features as NFL Sunday Ticket Online, plus extra channels like Fantasy Zone, Red Zone Channel, and many more. To maximize your NFL enjoyment, NFL Sunday Ticket also come with the great app. You can install the NFL Sunday Ticket Online app to launch the service anywhere you want. You can watch your favorite games through your mobile devices as well.


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