Texans vs Patriots Live Stream: Start time, TV Channel and Game Preview


The New England Patriots take on the Houston Texans in a regular season game at the Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts on Sunday, September 9th at 1:00 PM.

texans vs patriots live stream

Texans vs Patriots Game Preview

Texans vs Patriots make a match that fits the bill perfectly especially for the betters. The Patriots in this season will be vying to turn around their Super Bowl losing the season. The Texans, on the other hand, are looking to build onto the Deshaun Watson’s season.


Houston Texans had a disappointing 4-12 record which saw them finish dead last in the AFC South last season. They started the season with Tom Savage and then let Watson have a shot at the winning game.

They didn’t manage to come at the top of the game but at least the rookie cemented himself as the starter. Texans, however, ended up posting a 3-3 record that kept them alive in the playoff chase.

Watson was leading the charge and he, unfortunately, suffered a season-ending injury thus derailing their hopes. As at this moment, Watson is alive and kicking and Texans are ready for the September 9th match with the Pats. They are ready to claim the AFC South for the Texans this year.

There are a few players that are quite commendable in the team. Deshaun Watson with 16pp passing yards, 19TD and 8 INT, Lamar Miller with 888 rushing yards, 3 TD, and 1 F and finally we have DeAndre Hopkins with 1378 receiving yards, 13 TD, and 98 REC.

New England Patriots

Pats are experts in the game. Last season they turned in a 13-3 record to win the AFC East. The Patriots are good and have seen success in both sides of the ball but they came short the moment it mattered the most. Through the 3 phases of their game, the Eagles recently beat the Pats so direct. The Unlike last season, things are now getting harder for the Pats. Brandy is one of their best players is getting close to retirement period each day. The worst is the reports coming from the organization which is casting a shadow on the organization’s intrapersonal relationship.

There are a few players to watch on this team. Tom Brandy, with 4577 passing yards, 32 TD and 8 INT, Dion Lewis with 896 rushing yards, 6 TD, and F and finally Rob Gronkowski with 1084 receiving yards, 8 TD, 69 REC.

How to Watch the New England Patriots vs Houston Texans without Cable

Fubo TV

You might want to check out fubo.TV. If you are an America Football lover. You get access to a fubo Premier Plan where you get to have access to live to stream through CBS Sports Network at a cost of $ 35 every month.

With an additional $6 every month, you can simply purchase the Mundo Plus add-on and get live streaming access to the Spanish language version of the FOX Deportes.
Fubo TV comes with a 7-day trial version that you can take advantage of to watch the New England Patriots vs Houston Texans match.

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NFL Game Pass

This is by far one of the best ways to catch NFL football without cable. With the NFL Game Pass, you can watch all the 256 regular season NFL games and many other extras. It cost $99 per season and also comes with a 7-day free trial that you can take advantage of when your best match is being played.

Sling TV

You normally get sling TV depending on the number of channels you are interested in. to watch the Monday Night football you take the Orange Package. It goes for $20 monthly and has over 20 channels. It’s the Sling TV’s cheapest package.

The package gives you access to the Sunday and Thursday Night Football. You can as well get FOX and NBC in the select markets, NFL Network and the Red Zone Channel. The subscription is only $25 a month with an additional $5 Sports channel.

Texans vs Patriots Game Prediction

With the draft approaching on the 2018 regular season, the Patriots will be dealing with a new left tackle. If they move Marcus Cannon across the offensive line, they will then be dealing with a new right tackle. It’s quite a bad timing with the players like Jadeveon Clowney, J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus who can really make things get ugly. The Texans and others have attacked the interior of the Patriots offensive line. This leaves them without a proper protection on the outside. They will, therefore, attack easily at will.

The Patriots have not yet shown any signs of being able to stop an elusive quarterback like the Deshaun Watson. New England, on the other hand, may also get a better of Houston in the playoffs. In the first week, however, it will be very difficult for the Patriots to get a win.

This game will be one of the toughest in the year for Texas. It’s actually like a fun match drawn from 2017. The game will very close to the last years where Deshaun Watson had a coming out party after throwing 301 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. He thus gave the Texans a chance to win with less than three remaining minutes. Before the elapse of time, Tom Brandy on the other end led the Patriots through the game-winning touchdown drive.

In this season, the Texans have a great headline to cover. The main question and worry is, will the Texans regain their dominant form of defense with the return of J.J Watt, Whitney Mercilus and the coordinator Romeo Crennel? The other worry is, will the second year quarterback Deshaun Watson resume his sizzling play on the field?
I believe the Texans will hold through since they are tired of losing to this squad. They will make a move and have a 33-30 win with a record: 1-0.

After all is said and done, the oncoming season has heightened the great expectations of the Texans on how they will perform taking down the historic match at Gillette. This game should have been put as a national one, as the two teams will mark history. It’s quite a matchup with the anticipation of seeing Watt Mercilus teamed up with Jadeveon Clowney.

Taking a bet on Texans would be something close to a sure bet, with the great organization they have to portray in the last season as well prepared for this season.

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