How to Watch NFL Online Using VPN From Anywhere


NFL is one of the most watched games in America, and it is no surprise that other countries all enjoy this game due to its popularity. Well, the majority of people prefer to watch the game online since it is easy to access the game and you can watch it from anywhere as well. But the issue is, there are some countries where the streaming of this game is prohibited. So, how can you be able to watch NFL game from such states? The answer is straightforward since all you need is a VPN server and you will be sorted out.

watch nfl online using vpn

VPN is a private address which allows one to access the websites that they have been banned from accessing such that your location will not be easily detected once you log in to these websites. Therefore if you are in an area where you can not be able to access the games online, VPN can help you do so.

Here is a guide on how to watch NFL online using VPN from anywhere

Find a good VPN

There are so many VPN brands available on the market today for one to choose. The VPNs are offered at different prices for one to choose from based on the customer’s budget and what they want to achieve with the servers. So, research about the available VPN packages and select the one that you find convenient for your subscription.

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Download the VPV

The best thing about the VPNs is that they do not limit you to where you can use them and how to use them as well. Meaning, you can download on a wide variety of devices like the tablets, computers, smartphones and many others. So, if you want to download on a device that you can move around with and watch your NFL games, consider downloading the VPN to your tablet or a smartphone.

nfl live

Choose a server located in a permitted state

NFL is one of the leading football games in America and therefore, the most massive fan base is in this state. Also, it is essential to note the US is one of the states where the streaming of the game is allowed. So, choose America as your location server or any other country where it is permitted and connect it to your VPN.

Check the available NFL websites

Once you log in to the server, it will be easy for you to preview the available website showing the games. So, visit these websites for you to choose the site that has the games that you are looking for and start to download. Some of the sites that are available at your disposal include; NFL Game Pass, CBS, Fox and many others. The list is endless for one to select the most reliable website to watch this game from.

Tips for watching NFL games online using VPN

Ensure the VPN is safe

Although there are so many VPN companies available worldwide, note that not all VPNs are safe since some may easily leak your location without your knowledge. Therefore to be on a safe side, make sure to choose a VPN that is safe and has been used for a long time.

Ensure your device has a good internet connection

The VPN servers require you to connect it to a device that has a good internet connection. So, always check your internet before login to ensure that you have good connection although some VPNs are quite safe such that you cannot log in if the internet is low.

Always choose the server located in your preferred state

You cannot watch an American game using a UK server as the game will not be available. So, always make sure to choose a server situated in the state where the games are available. If you want to watch the games that are aired in British, make sure the server you select is connected to British, and if it is in America, the server should be from the USA.


Although NFL streaming is not allowed in all states, it is quite easy to access your favourite games using a VPN. Follow the above guide to help you choose the most appropriate VPN that will work for you, and also, be sure of where you want to watch from before selecting the server to link to your VPN.

nfl live

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