How to watch Philadelphia Eagles Game Live Stream Online

If you are a big fan of Philadelphia Eagles and you want to follow their games, you will want to know the best way to watch eagles live stream free without any hassle. While TV is not the option, the cord-cutting experience can be the best alternative that you want to choose.

eagles live stream

With a lot of internet advancements these days, all Philadelphia Eagles fans around the world can access their favorite games by using the natural methods. But before we share the services that you can opt to, you will need to know that it is essential to get the right schedule of the team.

Philadelphia Eagles Schedule 2018

Thursday Sept. 6 Atlanta Falcons Home 8:20 pm
Sunday Sept. 16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Away 1:00 pm
Sunday Sept. 23 Indianapolis Colts Home 1:00 pm
Sunday Sept. 30 Tennessee Titans Away 1:00 pm
Sunday Oct. 7 Minnesota Vikings Home 4:25 pm
Thursday Oct. 11 New York Giants Away 8:20 pm
Sunday Oct. 21 Carolina Panthers Home 1:00 p.m.
Sunday Oct. 28 Jacksonville Jaguars Away 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Nov. 4 BYE WEEK
Sunday Nov. 11 Dallas Cowboys Home 8:20 pm
Sunday Nov. 18 New Orleans Saints Home 1:00 pm
Sunday Nov. 25 New York Giants Home 1:00 pm
Monday Dec. 3 Washington Redskins Home 8:15 pm
Sunday Dec. 9 Dallas Cowboys Away 4:25 pm
Sunday Dec. 16 Los Angeles Rams Away 8:20 p.m.
Sunday Dec. 23 Houston Texans Home 1:00 pm
Sunday Dec. 30 Washington Redskins Away 1:00 pm

How to Watch Philadelphia Eagles Game Live

So, it can work in this simple way. You will want to keep following the schedule of philadelphia eagles live stream games; then you could look into our media streaming services list. That way, you will be able to catch up with every single game from your favorite team.

The fixed date of 2018 NFL regular season will start from September 6, 2018. That means you still have a month to reserve your watching option. Without further ado, let’s dig in.

On TV cable

For those who own TV cable credentials, it is easier to get the access to NFL 2018 without having to spend more money. The key here is to use your TV cable credentials to open the entrance of WatchESPN. But if you don’t have its credentials, you could borrow the other’s credentials too.

For NBC and CBS clients, it provides the streaming service as well. But just like ESPN, both services need the TV cable credentials. You could skip to the next option if you are not subscribing any of these.

Without a cable


FuboTV is a relatively new option introduced in the NFL world. But it has the big names for most sports lovers in the world. Back then in the World Cup, there were millions of folks using this service to enjoy the spectacles. It generally received positive reviews from its customers. Not to mention that it offers such an excellent package at a reasonable price. That’s why we’d like to add this into the options list.

You will be able to watch Eagles games in the service area that provides CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN. If your location is in the coverage area, you won’t have any problem to access the HD channels. Keep in mind that the blackouts may happen.

But if the upcoming games are national scale, you will have the more significant chance to get the coverage. It costs $39.99 per month. The 7-days free trial is also available.

You can watch eagles live stream Sunday afternoon in the CBS and FOX, Sunday night in the NBC, Monday night on ESPN, and Thursday night games. Consider tuning in specific channels if Eagles are playing in the particular days.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been delivering such excellent streaming services for years. Sling TV offers the primary channels of the NFL games with such reasonable price. For 2018 season, you will view a lot of philadelphia eagles live stream through this media streaming service.

Sling TV has a user-friendly interface with ample features to give you more control on how you are going to enjoy the game. Not to mention that you can customize the package as you desire. When it comes to the flexibility, we can arguably say that Sling TV is one of the best. The customers can pick their favorite channels. The package of streaming service is also affordable. With only $25, you will be able to watch eagles live stream free.

Sling Blue costs around $25 per month which you can use to access NFL live streaming as well as NFL network. The select markets usually are the problem for NFL viewers. With the Sling Blue, you won’t have any problem with it. If you want to add NFL RedZone in your package, you will need to add $10 more.

For the complete experience, you could consider using Sling Orange since it also gives you the access to Monday Night Football.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is an excellent choice for all console users or Sony lovers. If you are up to PlayStation Vue service, you can also use it to watch the Eagles games online. It is one of the leading media streaming services.

People have known this well for delivering such quality service. Unfortunately, it is not a good option for budget conscious. The price of the package is higher than the other options we share in this post. It costs $49.99 per month. It provides NFL games the entire season. So, you will get the chance to watch Philadelphia Eagles as well. The other perk of PS Vue is that you can watch the games live or on-demand. The on-demand content is available as soon after the game ended.

YouTube TV

If you have been fond of Youtube to watch your favorite content, you could also consider this option. It is a service recommended for those who want to view their favorite NFL games at the highest quality. YouTube TV offers friendly controls in which you can use the features to amp your watching experiences up.

YouTube TV is indeed more expensive than most of the options on this list. However, it gives tons of TV networks channels so that you will get the complete experience. It offers entertainment channels as well. Consider checking the YouTube TV official page to see the avenues that you can obtain from its streaming service package. To use this service, you will need a decent internet connection and the compatible device.

It offers all major channels of NFL like FOX, NBC, FOX, ESPN. The local broadcasts are also available through this service. If your area is in the select market, you will be able to watch those. The on-demand content is also available. The perk that we’d like to highlight is that with $40, the service is available for up to six Google accounts. However, the streaming will only be available for three different users at the same time. With such ample features, $40 is pretty a good deal.

Hulu Live

Hulu is popular amongst binge-watching lovers. It offers tons of TV series and movies contents to their customers. You could also consider this as an option to watch philadelphia eagles live stream. It is often the best alternative to fuboTV and Sling TV because it has similar quality with them. The specific choice that you could stick with the provider is the Hulu with Live TV subscription.

So, you are not going to use the Hulu Standard. Many people often mistake Hulu with Live TV with Hulu Standard. If you choose Hulu Standard, you will not be able to watch watch eagles game live you want.

Hulu with Live TV offers the significant channels that broadcast the NFL games this season including CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN. That’s why it is the excellent alternative to Sling TV. The live broadcasts of the games might be limited to specific locations. To make sure if the service is available in your area, you could put your ZIP code on their website.

Hulu also comes with an app namely NFL Football wherein you could watch eagles game live live stream right from your smartphone, or other mobile devices. You can also use the service through your favorite browser. Hulu is not coming with the NFL network.

You can watch Sunday afternoon in the CBS and FOX, Sunday night in the NBC, Monday night on ESPN, and Thursday night games. At $40, it is still cheaper than PS Vue and an excellent deal for you. It is available on Android, iOS, Xbox, Apple TV, and Chromecast as well. Most people would watch eagles live stream free from their favorite browser. You can do it too. Make sure to update your browser to the most recent version to make it work.

CBS All Access

You could consider using CBS All Access if you have more focus on CBS channel. For the cord-cutter experience, you can combine this with the other streaming services to give you more access to Eagles games this season. CBS All Access is a common choice for viewers who are in the local market. CBS All Access costs $5.99 per month. CBS is accessible anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection and a compatible device to open the experience. CBS All Access allows you to watch major NFL games as well as Super Bowl LIII.

Where to Watch Eagles Live Stream Free Online?

If you are looking for the best way to watch Eagles games for free, there will be a lot of websites that you can find on the internet. Most of them provide free live streaming service with ads. But you need to consider it thoroughly. Most of these sites can bring viruses, malware, or spyware which are dangerous for your device. It is best to keep your option limited to the official providers.

Watching the Eagles live free is very possible with limited time. Referred back to the media streaming services that we did mention before, the best way to watch Eagles live stream for free is by using the FuboTV service. If your location is in the area of CBS, FOX, and NBC station, you won’t have any problem accessing the service. If your site is out of the service, you might experience the blackouts.

Okay, How come you watch eagles game live from FuboTV for free? The answer is easy. You could use the 7-day free trial program for new users. So, you will have 7-day free access without a string attached. You can use this opportunity to enjoy the games you want to watch eagles live stream and assess the quality of the service before deciding to purchase the service.

Keep in mind that you will keep updated on the schedules of Eagles so that you will turn the Free mode on at the right time. The promo is available to the new user.

Watch Eagles game live without cable from anywhere?

Media streaming services give you leverage to enjoy the content from anywhere you are. But if you are outside the area of service, you might be experiencing some blackouts. It can be the most deterrent factor to use these cord-cutting services. But it is not the dead end. You could unlock these services by using the VPN to watch Philadelphia Eagles team from your favorite screen.

Use VPN to stream Eagles game:

Most media streaming services will block some Is in some locations. Although you have subscribed to the media streaming services, you will experience the blackout if your IP is blocked. They will block IP in certain situations to limit the bandwidth transfers they have on a daily basis. Well, it is sensible because they want to focus their service on specific areas.

But you can outsmart this system. Your current IP location can turn to the IPs that they accept with the help of the VPN service. All you need to do is pick your best VPN service, install and use it in your devices or PC. Most of the VPN software is easy to use. You don’t have to own specific skill to operate them.

Switch your current IP with the acceptable IP and access your favorite service now.

Using Smart DNS Proxies

The geo-restricted service is a bit hindrance for all viewers. Use the Smart DNS Proxies to keep your connection stable. Change your current IP with the friendly IP.

Watch the Eagles Football Live with an Antenna and DVR

For the Eagles games in 2018, you could use Antenna and DVR for free. A TV antenna is arguably the best option because it is the least expensive one. However, it will work only if you are living in the area where the broadcast tower can reach your location. If your situation is out of the reach, you might not be able to capture the festivity. By using a high-quality antenna, you could catch the NBC, CBS, as well as FOX for free. Use the DVR to improve your experience. You can also record the game and watch it on demand.

Eagles Football live on Social Media

NFL, specifically Eagles partners with Facebook for delivering recaps, previews, and highlights in the social networks. The best sources are Facebook and Twitter.

Final Thought

There you have them! The options to watch eagles live stream this year. Consider choosing the most suitable one and watch it with your friends and family!


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