How to Watch New England Patriots Game Live Stream Online

New England Patriots are the US Professional football team in the Greater Boston region. The great team competes in the NFL – National Football League as the member club of the league’s American Football Conference or AFC East Division.

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New England Patriots Schedule 2018

Sunday Sept. 9 Houston Texans Home 1:00 pm
Sunday Sept. 16 Jacksonville Jaguars Away 4:25 pm
Sunday Sept. 23 Detroit Lions Away 8:20 pm
Sunday Sept. 30 Miami Dolphins Home 1:00 pm
Thursday Oct. 4 Indianapolis Colts Home 8:20 pm
Sunday Oct. 14 Kansas City Chiefs Home 8:20 pm
Sunday Oct. 21 Chicago Bears Away 1:00 pm
Monday Oct. 29 Buffalo Bills Away 8:20 pm
Sunday Nov. 4 Green Bay Packers Home 8:20 pm
Sunday Nov. 11 Tennessee Titans Away 1:00 pm
Sunday Nov. 18 BYE WEEK
Sunday Nov. 25 New York Jets Away 1:00 pm
Sunday Dec. 2 Minnesota Vikings Home 4:25 pm
Sunday Dec. 9 Miami Dolphins Away 1:00 pm
Sunday Dec. 16 Pittsburgh Steelers Away 4:25 pm
Sunday Dec. 23 Buffalo Bills Home 1:00 pm
Sunday Dec. 30 New York Jets Home 1:00 pm

How to Watch New England Patriots Game Live Online

If you are the big fan of the team, chances are you want to catch up with the team’s upcoming actions. There will be many spectacles that you can enjoy. While some people want to attend the court to witness directly, you might prefer to watch their games on your favorite screen. So, how to view the New England Patriots games? Here we are going to share with you the right options for you.

On TV cable

ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX holds the right to broadcast the New England Patriots games. If you happen to have CBS subscription, you will be able to stream every NFL game, including new england patriots live stream in the select market. You won’t have to turn your TV on to enjoy the service. The good thing here is that you can use any device to enjoy the games through the CBS All Access.

Enjoy the local NFL on the CBS games live all season, including other exciting contents like pre-game studio show and the NFL Today. You can access it through the computer, tablet, and other devices like Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS devices, PS4, Roku, Windows devices, Xbox, and many more. You can access the CBS Sports in HD for 24/7. Enjoy the new england patriots live stream along with the updated news, scores, highlights and analysis.

Without a cable

Are you ready to watch Patriots online? You will need to prepare on how to stream the Patriots games without the cable. If you don’t have a cable, you will see the fruitful options that we are about to explain below. The good thing here is that there are many legal options that you can take to watch Patriots online without any hassle.

NFL Game Pass

Use the NFL Game Pass to enjoy the games earlier through many devices. The NFL Game Pass is the official way to watch the NFL without cable. However, you may need to read the details in the package before purchasing. You can only view the preseason games live. You can’t watch the regular season games live. Instead, you are able to watch the replays hours after the match happens. The service offers a ton of content for diehard fans of football. You can also follow everything related to Patriots for a decent price, $99.99 on an annual basis. If you are often late to watch the games, or you only plan to attend the games later, NFL Game Pass can be the best option to watch Patriots for you.

In other words, you can enjoy the New England Patriots games on-demand through the NFL Game Pass. Well, you will agree that watching on-demand replay streaming is not a bad idea at all. The games will be available on the online streaming library not long after the match happens. You can watch patriots game live anywhere you want from your PC, phone, tablet, or other devices.

If the flexibility is all you need, then the NFL Game Pass is the best option for you. As long as you keep yourself away from spoilers, you will feel the fantastic experience when watching Patriots live from your favorite screen. Start a free 7-day trial of NFL Game Pass if you are not sure yet.

Sling TV

With around $25-$40, you can follow the patriots live stream. It is one of the most favorite online media streaming services for preseason and regular season of NFL. So, with this option, you can watch both preseason and regular season Patriots games live.

The provider offers the live access to the favorite channels including one that broadcasts the NFL games. You will be able to watch any Patriots game through this provider.

Since last year, Sling TV has been providing the NFL Network as well. If you are interested in the updated news, the NFL Network in the Sling TV will be the great source. Tons of live football is available including Patriots to live. But keep in mind that not all regular games are available for live. There are about 1/4 portion of the live games, and 3/4 portion of the recorded games. Local blackouts also may apply. If you are outside the market, you might experience the outage. But you can outsmart it with the VPN services. We’ll explain the method later.

Sling TV is the best cable alternative because it has been around for sports lovers for years. You will enjoy the live NFL games throughout the entire season. With just $20 per month, the users will get the access to live to a stream of tons of current and significant TV channels. The package ranges from 25+ to 60_ channels. In other words, this media streaming service provides what we usually enjoy with TV cable with the more affordable bill. Plus, there will be no long-term contract since you can cancel the service anytime.

You can use various devices to access Sling TV. You can watch patriots game live on your PC, laptop, mobile device, or using your streaming devices as well. As long as you have the supported devices, you are good to go. Sling TV also gives you the free streaming player with the prepayment of 3 months of streaming. Just in case, if you don’t have the streaming player, you could use this opportunity.

Oh, did we mention that Sling TV offers 7-day free trial for all new customers? You can use this opportunity to assess the service quality before deciding to purchase the packages.

CBS All Access

In the “On TV Cable” section, we explain about the official broadcaster of the NFL games. If you want to enjoy the patriots live stream, CBS All Access can also be your consideration. The CBS All Access provide the streaming service to the CBS official channel. Don’t get it wrong. You don’t have to have the TV cable provider to enjoy this service. Without cable subscription, you are able to enjoy this service.

Many of the Patriots games are available on the CBS broadcast. So, this service can be the consideration for you as well. The good thing about this service is the affordable price. For All Access, it is only $5.99 per month without a contract. You can cancel the service anytime you want. You can also try its 7-day trial to access the patriots live stream free.

PlayStation Vue

New England Patriots games are enjoyable everywhere, including through PlayStation Vue. The price of the service varies from $44.99 to $79.99. There are around 47-72 channels that you can enjoy depending on the package you choose. But you can rest assured that the most basic package includes the CBS, ESPN, and NFL Network nationwide. That means you can view crucial games including patriots live stream. 1

The good thing about PS Vue is that it is available on almost any compatible device. Consider checking the official site of PlayStation Vue to see the details of the service. You can also try its 5-day trial without any cost. Test out the service before deciding to purchase. The point is, you won’t regret to use this service.

DirecTV Now

By far, it is one of the best streaming services to watch new england patriots live stream. During the regular season, it is the official provider that you’d want to rely on as a cord-cutter. The users also have privileges to enjoy the most significant TV channels without paying hefty prices for cable or satellite. With only $35 per month, you are able to enjoy 60+ channels right from your favorite device. The service is available without any contract. That means you can cancel the service at any point. Watch the new england patriots live stream from your streaming devices, PC, laptops, smartphones, tablet, or other compatible devices. With a decent internet connection, you should not have any problem to watch new england patriots live stream from ESPN, CBS, NBC, and FOX. The majority of the NFL games are happening in those channels. So, you don’t need to worry since you can catch up with the patriots live stream free through this service. See the full details in their official page. A 7-day free trial is also available.

Radio Station (Audio Broadcasting)

The New England Patriots flagship radio station is WBZ-FM 98.5 FM, owned by CBS Radio.

NFL Sunday Ticket

As the name suggests, you could enjoy the Sunday game of new england patriots live stream by NFL Sunday Ticket. It is a streaming service that is available exclusively for the DirecTV satellite plans users. The service comes free with the DirecTV Choice package. All out-of-market Sunday NFL games are available through the service. The downside is that not all users are able to enjoy the service.

If you can’t get the DirecTV satellite service, you may want to consider the alternative satellite-free version of the Sunday Ticket Service. The DirecTV Streaming service focuses on the customers who don’t have access to the DirecTV satellite services. If you qualify, the service is a good option. Learn more on their official page.

Where to Watch Patriots Live Stream Free Online?

Streaming the Patriots live via fuboTV is an excellent option for cord-cutter who don’t want to spend a single dime to enjoy the live streaming service. FuboTV has been known for its excellent service in providing sports content, including the football, without cable.

To enjoy the new england patriots live stream for free, you can use the FuboTV free 7-day trial for the new customers. Keep in mind that you never joined as the member before since it won’t work for returning customers. FuboTV has the sports in their mindset. That’s why you will see such friendly features that will pamper you from the start to the end. You can sign up right away and get the access to over 60+ networks, without paying a single dime.

To enjoy the patriots live stream free, you will want to focus your tunes in the CBS, NBC, FOX channels. There are also other favorite sports channels like BeIN Sports, FS1, FS2, and many more. See the full channels list in their official site.

How to watch Patriots game live without cable from anywhere?

Both free (pirated) and paid (official) streams have ups and downs. But they have one thing in common. You might not be able to access the services because of the area blockage, and other risks.

Use VPN to stream Patriots game:

We mention the media streaming services above. Keep in mind that most of them are only available in select regions. To check whether your area is covered or not, you need to visit their official site and see the information. If you are experiencing blockage, you will use VPN to change your IP address. So, the streaming providers will believe that you are accessing their page from the select market.
If you use free streaming services, you need to use them at your own discretion. Free streaming services have risks like malware, spyware, ads, and more.

Using Smart DNS Proxies

Smart DNS proxies providers can help you to change your IP address to be friendlier for the media streaming services mentioned above. You may need to spend some money for their service. But you will attain such beautiful benefits when using the Smart DNS Proxies.

Watch the patriots Football Live with an Antenna and DVR

If you are within the New England area, your chance to watch new england patriots live stream for free is probably more significant. The good thing here is that you won’t need any subscription or live streaming service to catch up with the moments. As long as you are within the broadcasting area of the Patriots, you can watch the patriots live stream free over-the-air. You just need an antenna and DVR.

The quality HD antenna will affect your experience in watching patriots live stream free. You could check the best antennas on the market to make sure that you get the most out of it. If you prefer to, you could also add the DVR for more viewing options. With the DVR, you can have the free on-demand viewing at any time. There are tons of good DVR products on the market. Make sure you pick the best one.

Patriots Football live Free on Social Media

Besides through Patriots official site, you can also get the latest official information from the social media. Consider following the real account of the New England Patriots to get the latest schedule, depth chart, roster, news, interviews, videos, and many more.



New England Patriots Schedule 2018

New England Patriots Schedule 2018

Final Thought

Have you read all of these options? We are pretty sure that you’ve realized it now that it is a lot easier to watch the new england patriots live stream from your favorite device, without cable. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your option now and catch up with your favorite team.


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