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How to watch NFL Preseason Games online free

Every NFL fan dreams of the season kickoff and the beginning of weekly football game watching. With the changing entertainment world, many people are ditching cable and satellite and finding other ways to watch their favorite television programs at a much cheaper cost. For those that have done that, it now becomes finding out how preseason football games can be seen without cable or satellite. This also rings true for games that are out of market and the teams are not local, so even with cable or satellite subscriptions, those games may not be seen. Let’s take a look at various ways that preseason football games can be found for free and ways to stream those preseason games for free.

watch NFL Preseason Games online free

Watch NFL Preseason Games Live Online Free on FuboTV

There are several ways to get NFL preseason games without have the commitment of a cable or satellie subscription. PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, HULU live and Youtube Live are all streaming options that cost anywhere from $29-$99 per month. There are others as well, but these are currently the most popular. The beauty of these options is that there is no contract or extra fees. You simply pay by the month and can cancel anytime, including as soon as the football season ends. The NFL even offers an option like these, which will allow you to see all the preseason and regular season games.

Networks, such as CBS and FOX also offer a smaller monthly fee to be able to just watch that particular network. Anything that is seen on that network can be streamed to a mobile device or a tv if you have the proper mirroring devices set up. The cost is minimal, with most plans just $5.99 per month and they can e canceled at any time.

There are many internet sites out there that allow users to stream their live TV feed so that others can see it as well, for free. Sites such as Periscope is just one of many that allows this “sharing” of TV broadcasting. A simple Google or Bing search will also yield multiple results of links to see live games being played in real time for free. The biggest drawback to using this type of streaming is that video quality is usually very poor. The nice thing is that there is no cost to use these streaming sites, you only need the smart phone, tablet or computer you have to search for the sites.

Another easy way to be able to see preseason games online at no cost is to use the sign on of someone who has paid for a streaming subscription. Each subscription will have a unique sign on and password, and if someone is willing to give you theirs, you would be able to watch the games. Some subscription services do only allow one device to be using a sign on at a time, but many do allow multiple users to use it at the same time.

Purchasing a jail broken Roku or Amazon Firestick device is another way to be able to watch your favorite preseason NFL games. While there will be a cost to purchase one of these, they can be used all season long and can also be used to stream other television programs. One of these devices could also be purchased without being jailbroken and there are multiple sites online with the instructions to jailbreak them yourself at home. Jail breaking one of these devices is not hard and has no cost associated with it.

Simple internet searches will always provide links to sites that offer free viewing of NFL preseason games. There are always companies and individuals who will put games up online. Companies will normally place ads for their company or partner companies that viewers must watch. By doing this, they will potentially gain new customers and it is worth it for them to put the games online. Individuals may just be true football fans who want to allow others to see games who would not be able to otherwise. These individuals may also place ads for their own small businesses or things that are of interest to them that viewers must watch during the game. Sometimes the quality of these videos will not be superb, but they are also free. The videos that individuals will put up will normally be of poorer quality than those put up by companies who normally have more money than an individual has.

Watchine games at a a sports bar or restaurant is another way to see a preseason NFL game without a cost. Most establishments that offer viewings of these games have multiple TVs and offer most, if not all of the preseason games available. These places have normally paid for full NFL subscriptions, so they will offer not only all available preseason games, but also all regular season games as well. The nice thing about going to a place like this is that they will also offer games that are out of market to the area, so if you are a fan of a team or player that is not a local team to you, the game can still be seen.

Watching your favorite preseason NFL games is easier than most people think. A dedicated football fan will always find a way to see the games that are interest to them. There is always a way to see the teams and players of interest, it just may take a little longer than planned. Always plan ahead when an NFL preseason game is coming up to ensure that you have a way to be able to see it. There is nothing worse than planning to watch an NFL preseason game and then finding out last minute that your plan to watch has somehow fell apart leaving you unable to watch the game you have been dying to see. Watching an NFL preseason game with family and friends is the best way to see the games, so if someone else will be watching with you, always make sure the plan you have to watch the game is the best way to watch it.

NFL Preseason 2018: 5 Games actually worth watching

Every diehard NFL fan thinks that every game their favorite team plays should be one of the top games to watch. While every week there are exciting games being played, there are always a few notable games that are played throughout the NFL’s regular season. Regardless of your favorite team, the game we will talk about promise to deliver some great football to be played, which can be looked forward to by the truest of NFL fans.

NFL Preseason 2018 top games

The NFL preseason delivers a full range of games each week, but many NFL watchers do not spend much time or energy on the preseason as many starting positions do not play more than the first quarter of each game. The goal of most preseason games is to determine who will be starting players and who will not make the team come the start of the regular season. There are, however, some games that are always notable during the NFL preseason. The top 5 notable preseason games will be discussed below.

Preseason Week 1: Minnesota Vikings versus Denver Broncos

This game will prove interesting as both teams are beginning the 2018 season with new quarterbacks. Filling the quarterback position correctly could be the key to both teams ending up in the playoffs, and this game will be the first time everyone can see the quarterbacks in action. Kirk Cousins will be playing for the Minnesota Vikings and Case Keenum will be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. With the fact that this is the first week of the preseason, both of these players will not see much playing time, but it is a great opportunity to see both of them in action for the first time. Tune in to the start of the game, as neither will play much more than past the first quarter.

Preseason Week 2: Buffalo Bills versus Cleavland Browns

Anyone who follows football would not think of these two teams playing each other as a must see football game. The Cleavland Browns have continually had disappointing seasons, and the Buffalo Bills have not had much better records. The reason this game is notable is the fact that both teams are on the hunt for new quarterbacks. This game will likely see both quarterbacks playing longer than normal in a preseason game. There are several quarterbacks vying for the position, and it promises to be an interesting game, since it is an opportunity for all the quarterback to prove themselves.

Preseason Week 3: New York Giants versus New York Jets

Anytime the Giants and the Jets play, it is always an interesting game. They share a stadium and always bring a level of excitement and competitiveness when they play. The Jets are another team in the market for a new quarterback, and will use this game as an opportunity to give their picks time to prove themselves. The Giants are also on the hunt for another quarterback to back up Eli Manning, as he is nearing the end of his playing career. The Giants will also use this game as an opportunity to showcase their draft pick in both the running back and defensive end positions, which will provide some good, quality football to watch, even in the preseason.

Preseason Week 3: San Francisso 49’ers versus Indianapolis Colts

This game is another game where the quarterback position will be highly watched. The Colts are deciding if Andrew Luck or Jacoby Brissett will be the starting quarterback, and by week 3 of the preseason, the answer should be a little bit clearer. If Andrew Luck starts the game, it will be likely that he will be the staring quarterback for the season. If Jacoby Brissett starts, Colts fans may be panicked, as a brand new quarterback could be running the team when the regular season starts. The 49’ers have a new quarterback in place, and by this point in the preseason, he should be be showing true potential in the position. This game will also allow fans to get a glimpse of Richard Sherman, the very popular and talented cornerback that the 49’ers acquired in the off season.

Preseason Week 4: Dallas Cowboys versus Houston Texans

Not only is this game a matchup of the Texas teams, is it also a chance for the teams to show their rivalries on the field. Dak Prescott was one of the notable quarterbacks from last year, and fans have eagerly been waiting to see him in action again. The Texans will have Deshaun Watson back after suffering a bad knee injury last season, and by this point should be showing how he is going to hold up returning from that injury. Many fans will tune in to also see the rivalry between the two teams. Football is big in Texas, and when two Texas teams play each other, preseason or regular season, it always proves to be an exciting matchup between the teams.

While all die hard football fans will always intently watch their favorite teams in the preseason, preseason games normally do not have the fan base that regular season games have. The games that we did mention above are sure to have more people tuning in to watch than others, as fans are ready to see what changes were made during the offseason and how players look on the field.

The preseason is a good way to judge how the regular season will look. Players always give their all as they know this is their opportunity to show what they can offer the team, and some players are working to obtain a spot on the team or to secure a starting position. A team that struggles or shines during the preseason will normally follow that trend into the regular season. Keeping your eyes on the preseason will be a good indicator of what is to come when the regular season kicks off, and any opportunity to have a football party, is a good opportunity, so get your friends and family together and tune in to get your football fix during the preseason.