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How to Watch NFL Online Using VPN From Anywhere

NFL is one of the most watched games in America, and it is no surprise that other countries all enjoy this game due to its popularity. Well, the majority of people prefer to watch the game online since it is easy to access the game and you can watch it from anywhere as well. But the issue is, there are some countries where the streaming of this game is prohibited. So, how can you be able to watch NFL game from such states? The answer is straightforward since all you need is a VPN server and you will be sorted out.

watch nfl online using vpn

VPN is a private address which allows one to access the websites that they have been banned from accessing such that your location will not be easily detected once you log in to these websites. Therefore if you are in an area where you can not be able to access the games online, VPN can help you do so.

Here is a guide on how to watch NFL online using VPN from anywhere

Find a good VPN

There are so many VPN brands available on the market today for one to choose. The VPNs are offered at different prices for one to choose from based on the customer’s budget and what they want to achieve with the servers. So, research about the available VPN packages and select the one that you find convenient for your subscription.

We recommend to use: SaferVPN

Download the VPV

The best thing about the VPNs is that they do not limit you to where you can use them and how to use them as well. Meaning, you can download on a wide variety of devices like the tablets, computers, smartphones and many others. So, if you want to download on a device that you can move around with and watch your NFL games, consider downloading the VPN to your tablet or a smartphone.

Choose a server located in a permitted state

NFL is one of the leading football games in America and therefore, the most massive fan base is in this state. Also, it is essential to note the US is one of the states where the streaming of the game is allowed. So, choose America as your location server or any other country where it is permitted and connect it to your VPN.

Check the available NFL websites

Once you log in to the server, it will be easy for you to preview the available website showing the games. So, visit these websites for you to choose the site that has the games that you are looking for and start to download. Some of the sites that are available at your disposal include; NFL Game Pass, CBS, Fox and many others. The list is endless for one to select the most reliable website to watch this game from.

Tips for watching NFL games online using VPN

Ensure the VPN is safe

Although there are so many VPN companies available worldwide, note that not all VPNs are safe since some may easily leak your location without your knowledge. Therefore to be on a safe side, make sure to choose a VPN that is safe and has been used for a long time.

Ensure your device has a good internet connection

The VPN servers require you to connect it to a device that has a good internet connection. So, always check your internet before login to ensure that you have good connection although some VPNs are quite safe such that you cannot log in if the internet is low.

Always choose the server located in your preferred state

You cannot watch an American game using a UK server as the game will not be available. So, always make sure to choose a server situated in the state where the games are available. If you want to watch the games that are aired in British, make sure the server you select is connected to British, and if it is in America, the server should be from the USA.


Although NFL streaming is not allowed in all states, it is quite easy to access your favourite games using a VPN. Follow the above guide to help you choose the most appropriate VPN that will work for you, and also, be sure of where you want to watch from before selecting the server to link to your VPN.

Stream NFL Games on Mobile Via CBS All Access

If you are planning to watch NFL games on your mobile, there is nothing better than CBS All Access. If you haven’t known it yet, CBS All Access will provide all the NFL games this season on your favorite mobile devices. The contract between two parties has been available until the 2022 season.

Stream NFL Games on Mobile

Staring the 2018 season, all the NFL games will be available on the CBS All Access through the 2022 season as well. The good thing here is that if you are already a CBS All Access customer, you have automatically reserved the option to watch all the NFL games this season.

As we know, the CBS airs the regional AFC games on Sundays. The good news is that the mobile streaming devices follow this pattern as well. That means we can enjoy the contents made between the NFL and the other networks. That means the NFL viewers will have more excellent opportunities to watch the NFL games they want through many digital services. So, there will be the 2018 NFL season, including the Super Bowl LIII that will be available on the CBS All Access. You can access the service through many platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung Smart TVs, and many more. The games will also be available for those who have the CBS All Access through the Amazon channels.

For the cord-cutting users, it is a pretty good alternative to watch the NFL games without cable. CBS All Access that streams NFL games on mobile is no longer exclusive to Verizon customers. Although you are not Verizon clients, you are eligible to enjoy this service as well.

Verizon held exclusive rights to stream the games until the end of the 2017 season. With the new agreements, all folks now can enjoy the CBS All Access to watch their favorite NFL teams on the screen. The CBS All Access is available for $5.99 per month with limited commercials. If you are not up to the businesses, you could choose the other package that costs $9.99 per month. It is a commercial-free package.

Starting this season, smartphones and tablet users will be more accessible to stream the NFL games right from their favorite screens.

Now the access to mobile devices is a lot easier with the standard CBS All Access subscription service. For starters, you could pay for All Access of $5.99 a month with minimum ads. Believe it; the ads are not annoying at all. If you have an existing cable login credentials of CBS, then you will have access to all NFL season games for free. You can use the CBS app on your iOS or Android devices. You can also watch these games via website, smart TVs, set-top boxes, as well as game consoles.

All Access customers have the exclusive access to CBS-owned NFL streams. 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for all NFL lovers because for the first time we can enjoy all the NFL games on mobile devices. But keep in mind that what we mean all the NFL games is not 100% all of them. You still need to check the schedule of the NFL Sunday Ticket offer. These games are only available in select markets.

But rest assured, when you are the CBS All Access customers, you can watch NFL Games on your iPhones, iPads, with the CBS All Access app.

If you question about the Verizon subscribers, don’t worry about it. The new agreement between NFL and CBS All Access does not exclude Verizon from the provider. Moreover, the Verizon and NFL reached the original deal that consists of an allowance of other services and providers to offer the access to NFL games on smartphones and tablets through the popular platforms like Yahoo Sports, NFL apps, and Go90.

The connected devices are Roku Players, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, and Amazon Channels. If you have one of these devices, then it is one step away to enjoy all the NFL games you want anywhere. Of course, you can still watch these games through the conventional TVs, tablets, as well as your PC.

How to Watch NFL Game Pass on Amazon Fire TV

If you have Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV stick, then you are one step away to enjoy the NFL Game Pass on your devices. Chances are you will be looking for the best options to watch your favorite NFL games. Now we are going to share with you how to view the NFL Game Pass on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick platforms.

Watch NFL Game Pass on Amazon Fire TV

For those who haven’t known, the Fire TV now comes with the official NFL app. But keep in mind that like the Apple TV, it does not merely make an exclusive NFL Game Pass App. But you can access the NFL Game Pass on the Fire TV stick through the official NFL Fire TV app.

The NFL App is already on Fire TV. That means there is no need to download the necessary Android APK to enjoy the NFL Game Pass service through your device. Now you can download the official NFL App from the Fire TV App Store and install it on your machine to access the NFL Game Pass subscription.

The benchmark of making a great experience in watching NFL games is that you won’t have any hassle while enjoying the games. Therefore, we’d like to recommend you to download the remote app for the service since the android apps UI is available for touch screens. For the first time to set this up, you will need a web browser. But if you use your mobile device, browser app can do well too. You will need to enter a code for the device one time.

You will want to install the NFL Game Pass to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. If you don’t know how the best thing to do is to visit the official site and look at the tutorial. You could always ask the customer support to help you with the settings.

Whether you are expecting the out-of-market NFL games or keeping following your favorite teams, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has plenty of options for you to catch every single moment of this spectacle.

Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football

Amazon Prime has the exclusive right to stream the Thursday Night Football to the Amazon Prime members. The Amazon Prime customers can see the Thursday Night Football game on. You will see the notice on the home screen. If you don’t find it, you could consider using the Fire TV search console. Thursday Night Football is available for Prime members.

NFL Sunday Ticket App

How about the NFL Sunday Ticket App? The good news is that you can get the app for the Firestick. However, you will need Direct TV credentials to open the access. For some folks, paying for Directv Subscription is not worth. But it will depend on your necessity. By using the Direct TV credentials, you will get the access to the NFL Sunday Ticket.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is magnificent because it allows you to enjoy every single NFL games all year. As we know that not everyone roots for the home team. Many serious NFL fans are rooting the incredible teams that deserve their praises. The NFL Game Pass costs $99 per season. If you are not up to your cable TV, then you can use this option to catch up with every NFL game that you’d like to watch. It is indeed cheaper than cable TV subscription fees.

The only downside of the NFL Game Pass is that you cannot watch the matches live. You will need to wait until the matches finished to watch them. However, most of the NFL games will be available after the games are over. As long as you keep yourself away from spoilers, you can’t go wrong with this option to follow your favorite games.

NFL Game Pass does not merely provide you on-demand matches to watch. You can also attain the access to the NFL Network, and the archive wherein you could view the previous games including the 20 Classic Super Bowl showdowns. You will also accomplish useful information like news, previews, Fantasy Football tips, and many more. The NFL Game Pass is the pit-stop to enjoy all the NFL contents anytime, anywhere you want.

Guide to Buying NFL Tickets 2018 Season

NFL is the most famous football event in the US, and even in the world. As the high profile sport in the US, the football tickets can pack severe challenges to your money, time, and availability. If it is your first time, or you wonder how to buy NFL tickets for the 2018 season effectively, you have come to the right place. Here are the tips that you can consider to get the NFL Tickets 2018 that you want to reserve your seat.

nfl tickets

The right time to purchase the tickets

Some people say that it is cheaper to purchase in the first phase. Well, it is probably true if you are expecting a big game. But if it is the regular match in the 2018 season, the trick is contradictive. You could wait until a few days before the game happens. You might have fewer choices when purchasing in the last few days, but those tickets will likely to come with discount prices. Most officials tend to drop the price to make them sold out. But if it is a big game or the important one, you could purchase the tickets as soon as you can since the price might rise, or the tickets will be sold out quickly.

Check the opponent of your favorite team

If you want to watch your favorite team playing, you will want to keep up with the schedule. Then you will need to check the NFL tickets prices as well. Depending on the opponent, the cost of the tickets can be different. Teams with achievements tend to have higher rates of NFL Tickets 2018 than the groups who have been struggling. We won’t tell their names. You know it for the best.

Check the value of the ticket

Rather than considering the price, you could consider purchasing the tickets based on their values. You might be able to get the cheapest tickets on the market, but you might get the worst seats. With spending a little extra, you will realize that it is a better value. You may want to pay $10 more to get 20 rows closer to the field. It is a great value, isn’t it? You could assess the seat position first before making your decision. Of course, when you spend more money, you will sacrifice the other necessities. But if you can save $10 for your snacks to add it to your NFL Tickets, why not?

The seat location

Depending on where you purchase the tickets, the officials will give you the sea views. Here you will want to check which seat is feasible for you. You don’t have to guess the best position since it is obvious. The different sections have different prices. If you can afford the best sections, you can go with it.

Where to buy?

There are a lot of tickets sold on the internet. The thing is that not all marketplaces come with credible products and services. Some markets are even not strict about the rules of registration so that you might be encountering some bogus sellers. Beware of the scammers who offer the low prices of the tickets. If these tickets are too good to be true, you will want to skip these sellers.

Your best option is to stick with legitimate sites like Ticket Network, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, Ticket City, etc. It is recommended to stick to those sites to avoid being the victim of ticket scams. These legitimate sources will guarantee that your tickets will come to your doorways. The NFL Tickets 2018 you get from legitimate sellers will surely work.

The tickets for major NFL events can be more expensive. As mentioned, the prices will also depend on the teams involved in the match. Finding decent seats for you and your friends might be hard to get your hands on. when to look for the NFL Tickets, you can’t go wrong with browsing in the primary market. So, only stick to the official providers available in the NFL recommendations.

If you want to watch NFL live online at home. Read Here

How about the offline purchase?

The risks of purchasing the tickets outside the venue can be thrilling for some people. But your best choice is no other than the official box office. That’s it. Purchasing the tickets from scalpers might be tempting, but it does not give you a 100% guarantee that the NFL Tickets 2018 will work. The reselling activity is allowed in some area. But we don’t suggest you take the risk of purchasing the tickets from scalpers. Avoid any factors that lead you to a fraudulent card. Although you need to drive a few miles, it is safer to get your NFL Tickets from the official box office.


How to Watch the NFL Sunday Ticket Live Online without Cable

If you are a diehard fans of NFL, then you will want to be open to all the options to follow your favorite team. If you want to know the opportunity to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Online without cable, then this post is the right one for you. So, get ready to stream. The 2018 NFL season is fast approaching. While it is harder to come to the venue or make it on time on your living room to watch the games from TV, being a cord-cutter is the best option that you have. Cutting the cord and wait in the stable platforms like Sling TV, Netflix, and other options is a fantastic experience for those who have been enough with TV cable. The good thing here is that you can actualize it well. You can watch the ESPN and all the other NFL significant channels without cable. Not to mention that the NFL Sunday Ticket is available online too. There are two main things that you need to prepare to enjoy the service: your compatible device and decent internet connection. Here we are going to share you the complete guide of watching the NFL Sunday Ticket live online without cable.

nfl sunday ticket live

NFL Sunday Ticket TV

It is one of the best correct ways to watch NFL Sunday Ticket Online from your favorite screen. If you don’t have DirecTV satellite service, you could use NFLSundayTicket.TV as the alternative option. AT&T is the excellent company behind this solution. To get the NFL package from the DirecTV, you will need to visit its official website and choose the boxes. The NFLST TV package revolves around the significant live games as well as out-of-market games that you can’t watch locally. You will need to pay $69.99 per month for four months contract, or a single payment of $276.96. Add $100 more; you will be able to enjoy the Max Bundle that has NFL RedZone, Fantasy Zone, for the entire season.

Sunday Ticket TV U

Sunday Ticket TV U is a common choice for students who are tight on budget. You can attain the NFL Sunday Ticket package at affordable rate. Only students are eligible to enjoy the student subscription. Keep in mind that the kind of subscription is not meant to auto-renew. So, when your enrollment as student has finished, you will not be able to get the special student bundle. It is coming from the NFLST.TV U. The package costs $24.99 per month or $99.96 for the entire season.

DIRECTV Subscribers

Keep in mind that the NFL Sunday Ticket games are only available in the DIRECTV. The NFL Sunday Ticket provides all the out-of-market games every Sunday. That means you don’t have to waste your time and money for other options if you want to stick with the Sunday games. The NFL Sunday Ticket will be free of cost for the new customers. But you will need to pay after using the service. The price also increases from year to year. The regular package is $293.94 per season. You could also choose the 6-month period package that costs you $48.99 per month. If you are planning to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket Online the entire year, it is best to choose the regular package for annual basis. NFL Sunday Ticket also renews after the first season you enjoy. The NFL Sunday Ticket includes the local channels like CBS and FOX that broadcast the NFL games in select area.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Online gives you passage to enjoy every out-of-market Sunday game so that you won’t be stuck watching Patriots games when you want to watch Cowboys games. The good thing about official NFL Sunday Ticket is that it adds the NFL Sunday Ticket Game Mix Channel. This feature allows the users to watch four to eight live games on one screen, along with the complete information like the possession, field position, and so on. There’s been question revolving the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Sunday Ticket Max. You might wonder which is the best for you. The NFL Sunday Ticket Max is more expensive than the other one. It provides useful features as NFL Sunday Ticket Online, plus extra channels like Fantasy Zone, Red Zone Channel, and many more. To maximize your NFL enjoyment, NFL Sunday Ticket also come with the great app. You can install the NFL Sunday Ticket Online app to launch the service anywhere you want. You can watch your favorite games through your mobile devices as well.

Watch NFL Network Online Without Cable (Live Stream)

NFL Games have been top recommended contents for most sports fans in the US. If you are a football fan and don’t plan to watch NFL Network Online over-the-air, or you just don’t have the opportunity to use your TV cable to catch up with the moments, your best options are definitely the cutting-cord options. The NFL Network is the official channel that provides you with the NFL games. But keep in mind that not all media streaming services offer it. The NFL Network is available for fans who want to see the NFL games along with the news, updates, trivial things, and other valuable information related to the league. The NFL Network is the core of the Thursday Night Football, NFL Red Zone, as well as tons of NFL draft coverage’s. When you reach NFL Network, you will enjoy the most of the NFL presentations. Now, it is very possible to enjoy the NFL games without cable. No matter where you are, you can follow up every game in the NFL. Here are the ways you can try.

nfl network live stream

What you need to know about The NFL Network

It is essential that you recognize the role of the NFL Network since it will be the key to find the match that you’d want to watch. Here is what you need to know. NFL Network is responsible for broadcasting all the NFL preseason games. However, it only does some portion for live broadcast. The rest of the games are available on-demand or tape delayed. Besides, it also provides out-of-market games. Mainly in Thursday night’s, NFL Network broadcast the out-of-market games, including weekend games. It does not offer the Monday Night Football games. If you are planning to watch postseason games, you won’t get it from NFL Network. Depending on your area, the live broadcasts will be available on FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

How to watch NFL Network Live Online

If you are a diehard fan of football, you surely don’t want to miss to watch NFL Network Online. Currently, there are only few streaming services that include the NFL Network. Some of the best are Sling TV, FuboTV, and PlayStation Vue.

The NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket for good reason. You will be able to stream out-of-market games to your devices for a reasonable price. If you are a DirecTV user, you won’t have any problem to use NFL Sunday Ticket. When the NFL season is there, you could check on the official NFL Sunday Ticket to check whether you are able to use the service or not.

NFL Game Pass

If you think that you will not be able to follow all the games on time, you might want to consider using the NFL Game Pass. NFL Game pass provides the replays of the pre-season, regular season, as well as the playoff games. It also offers the Super Bowl games too. With a hundred buck on an annual subscription, you will be able to enjoy hundreds of NFL games right from your favorite devices. The only downside is that you can watch the Watch NFL Network Online live. But you can follow the games live by hearing over the NFL Radio feature.


YouTube has been one of the most popular sources to watch the NFL Network Live Stream. NFL dispatches both NFL and NFL Network YouTube Channels. Both channels host thousands of content. Through these channels, you will be able to watch new materials like the highlights, interviews, previews, and many more. You can even watch the previous Super Bowl games for free. However, you won’t get any live coverage. YouTube can be an excellent choice if you want denser information about what’s going on in the NFL season. You won’t spend hours to expect the result to come. You will just read the conclusion of the games.

Sling TV

So far, Sling TV comes as the most affordable option for the NFL viewers. For only $25 per month, you will get both NFL Network and NFL RedZone. Plus $5 more, you will be able to enjoy both with the DVR. It is a tremendous new since the Sling TV can provide the NFL network online. With add-on package, you will be able to enjoy the NFL RedZone as well. The packages range from 30 plus to 60 plus channels. The most standard plan costs you $20 per month. The most expensive box is $40 per month. You will have good coverage portions since it provides the NFL Network Live Stream, NFL RedZone, NBC, FOX, ESPN, and more. Plus, there are the right entertainment channels as well. Even better, you can access Sling TV through PC, laptop, smartphone, and other compatible devices. Although not all games are available for live, you can watch some of the games on replay as well. You can also try its 7-day free trial to access the features without paying a single dime. A full week is more than enough to assess the quality of the service. After all, there will be no contract if you subscribe to the service. You can cancel it anytime.


FuboTV has been the excellent Sling TV alternative. It offers a pretty good deal of the NFL coverage with a friendly price. It has ample blankets of international sports networks like NBC and BeIN. But unfortunately, it lacks ESPN coverage. You may not be able to find the primary channels that are favorable for Watch NFL Network Online.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue can come in handy if you are the regular user of Vue. It can be another quality live streaming service to watch NFL Network without cable. Despite the exclusiveness of the service, you can use PlayStation Vue credentials and features on other streaming devices. So, you don’t need to bring your PlayStation consoles to watch your favorite NFL Network Live Stream. It is a bit more expensive than Sling TV. But you will have more channels to enjoy. Read the packages details for further information. You can also use its 5-day free trial to assess the quality of service.


Besides the options mentioned above, there is a new media streaming service that you can try namely VIDGO. Recently, VIDGO officials announced that they added the NFL Network in their customizable package. VIDGO will provide the live, HD streaming from local channels. That means you can watch CBS too. As we know, the local networks are rare because you only get it from TV or antenna. With VIDGO, you can eliminate that hassle.

NFL Hall of Fame Game Live Stream 2018: Date, Start Time, TV Info

All eyes are on the NFL Hall of Fame Game 2018 and people are waiting anxiously for the big moment. The game will take place at famous Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, which is located in Canton, Ohio. It is near to the Hall of Fame building.

NFL Hall of Fame Game 2018

NFL Hall of Fame Game 2018

Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens are all set to face each other. Interesting fact about the event is that Chicago Bears are facing their fifth entry in the Hall of Fame Game; however, Baltimore Ravens are making their first-time appearance. It is always interesting to watch this kind of a match where one team is extremely new. Let us see the odds are in the favor of which of these two teams.

History shows that the Chicago Bears had a great record of accomplishment. They were able to defeat Dallas Cowboys in 1968. The scores between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys were 30-24 respectively. Chicago Bears took a lead on New York Jets in 1977 with a score of 20-6 respectively. They were able to be dominant over Cleveland Browns in 1990 with a score of 13-0 respectively. Once again, Chicago Bears were able to defeat Miami Dolphins in 2005 with a score of 27-24 respectively. Therefore, Chicago Bears have a perfect record of 4-0 in the history of Canton. When a team is such victorious all eyes are on that particular team and the pressure is usually higher on the counterpart.

Fans would be waiting anxiously to purchase the tickets to watch a team stepping first time on the ground, which has already been aware of victory by Chicago Bears multiple times. Tickets and packages are available to the audience from different sources and there is tons of information available online. It is wise to do a thorough research before making a final purchase decision.


The history of the game dates back to August 11, 1962, with New York Giants as the away team and St. Louis Cardinals as the home team. The date for the game this year is set as August 2, 2018, with Chicago Bears as the away team and Baltimore Ravens as the home team. 56 years have passed and there are still fans, which mean the game is a huge success among the masses. Last year the away team was Arizona Cardinals and the home team was Dallas Cowboys.

Start Time

The Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens will come face to face at 8 pm ET on Aug 2, 2018, as mentioned previously. It is wise to get free from all the house chores before this time and to get rid of all the important tasks for the day.

TV Info

Gone are the days when people would be able to see a certain sport by actually visiting the place. Over the years, technology has brought numerous changes in the life of modern individuals. One such advancement is in the form of a television. Over the years, the rights of coverage transfer from one channel to the next. The best thing about Hall of Fame Game is that it airs nationwide. Currently, NBC holds the right for the coverage since 2017. The rights are valid until 2019, which means that this air expects NFL Hall of Fame Game Live Stream on NBC. However, in 2020 NBC will cover Summer Olympics 2020 so the rights will shift to NFL Network or ESPN.

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Final Words

Watch the amazing NFL Hall of Fame Game between the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens on August 2, 2018, at 8 pm ET on NBC. Do not forget to keep the nachos, chips, beverages, and other items ready. Games become interesting when the family is around so there are people to cheer up with few family members taking a side of one team while the others belonging to the rivals. Chicago Bears have a history of winning 4 times in Canton while Baltimore Ravens are making their first-time appearance on the Hall of Fame Game, which will take place in Canton, Ohio. Fans are waiting anxiously for the big day and the big date is just around the corner.

NFL Preseason 2018: 5 Games actually worth watching

Every diehard NFL fan thinks that every game their favorite team plays should be one of the top games to watch. While every week there are exciting games being played, there are always a few notable games that are played throughout the NFL’s regular season. Regardless of your favorite team, the game we will talk about promise to deliver some great football to be played, which can be looked forward to by the truest of NFL fans.

NFL Preseason 2018 top games

The NFL preseason delivers a full range of games each week, but many NFL watchers do not spend much time or energy on the preseason as many starting positions do not play more than the first quarter of each game. The goal of most preseason games is to determine who will be starting players and who will not make the team come the start of the regular season. There are, however, some games that are always notable during the NFL preseason. The top 5 notable preseason games will be discussed below.

Preseason Week 1: Minnesota Vikings versus Denver Broncos

This game will prove interesting as both teams are beginning the 2018 season with new quarterbacks. Filling the quarterback position correctly could be the key to both teams ending up in the playoffs, and this game will be the first time everyone can see the quarterbacks in action. Kirk Cousins will be playing for the Minnesota Vikings and Case Keenum will be the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. With the fact that this is the first week of the preseason, both of these players will not see much playing time, but it is a great opportunity to see both of them in action for the first time. Tune in to the start of the game, as neither will play much more than past the first quarter.

Preseason Week 2: Buffalo Bills versus Cleavland Browns

Anyone who follows football would not think of these two teams playing each other as a must see football game. The Cleavland Browns have continually had disappointing seasons, and the Buffalo Bills have not had much better records. The reason this game is notable is the fact that both teams are on the hunt for new quarterbacks. This game will likely see both quarterbacks playing longer than normal in a preseason game. There are several quarterbacks vying for the position, and it promises to be an interesting game, since it is an opportunity for all the quarterback to prove themselves.

Preseason Week 3: New York Giants versus New York Jets

Anytime the Giants and the Jets play, it is always an interesting game. They share a stadium and always bring a level of excitement and competitiveness when they play. The Jets are another team in the market for a new quarterback, and will use this game as an opportunity to give their picks time to prove themselves. The Giants are also on the hunt for another quarterback to back up Eli Manning, as he is nearing the end of his playing career. The Giants will also use this game as an opportunity to showcase their draft pick in both the running back and defensive end positions, which will provide some good, quality football to watch, even in the preseason.

Preseason Week 3: San Francisso 49’ers versus Indianapolis Colts

This game is another game where the quarterback position will be highly watched. The Colts are deciding if Andrew Luck or Jacoby Brissett will be the starting quarterback, and by week 3 of the preseason, the answer should be a little bit clearer. If Andrew Luck starts the game, it will be likely that he will be the staring quarterback for the season. If Jacoby Brissett starts, Colts fans may be panicked, as a brand new quarterback could be running the team when the regular season starts. The 49’ers have a new quarterback in place, and by this point in the preseason, he should be be showing true potential in the position. This game will also allow fans to get a glimpse of Richard Sherman, the very popular and talented cornerback that the 49’ers acquired in the off season.

Preseason Week 4: Dallas Cowboys versus Houston Texans

Not only is this game a matchup of the Texas teams, is it also a chance for the teams to show their rivalries on the field. Dak Prescott was one of the notable quarterbacks from last year, and fans have eagerly been waiting to see him in action again. The Texans will have Deshaun Watson back after suffering a bad knee injury last season, and by this point should be showing how he is going to hold up returning from that injury. Many fans will tune in to also see the rivalry between the two teams. Football is big in Texas, and when two Texas teams play each other, preseason or regular season, it always proves to be an exciting matchup between the teams.

While all die hard football fans will always intently watch their favorite teams in the preseason, preseason games normally do not have the fan base that regular season games have. The games that we did mention above are sure to have more people tuning in to watch than others, as fans are ready to see what changes were made during the offseason and how players look on the field.

The preseason is a good way to judge how the regular season will look. Players always give their all as they know this is their opportunity to show what they can offer the team, and some players are working to obtain a spot on the team or to secure a starting position. A team that struggles or shines during the preseason will normally follow that trend into the regular season. Keeping your eyes on the preseason will be a good indicator of what is to come when the regular season kicks off, and any opportunity to have a football party, is a good opportunity, so get your friends and family together and tune in to get your football fix during the preseason.

When does the 2018 NFL Regular Season Open?

For NFL lovers, the start of regular season football games is something that is looked forward to as soon as the previous season ends. For months NFL players spend the offseason prepping for the start of the next season and teams and coaches start their work to try to become the next Super Bowl Champions.

2018 NFL Regular Season

The 2018 NFL Season will start on September, 6th. This season will be the 99th season of the NFL. The first game of the season is always referred to as the kickoff game, and always has one team be the defending Super Bowl Champions. This year, the kickoff game will be played by the Super Bowl champs, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Atlanta Falcons. This game will be played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The last game of the season, the Super Bowl, will be on February 3, 2019 and will be played at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2018 NFL Regular Season runs from Septermber 6, 2018 to December 30, 2018. The playoffs start on January 5, 2019 and concludes with the Super Bowl that is played on February 3, 2019. This season’s Pro Bowl will take place on January 27, 2019 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

The 2018 NFL season is made up of 256 games that are played over 17 weeks. The NFL consists of 32 teams, and each team plays 16 games per season. Each team is give a bye week, which is a week where the team does not play a game. NFL games are played on Sundays, Monday nights and Thursday nights. The majority of the games are on Sunday, with a Sunday night game each week as well. The last week of the season, each game is an intra-division matchup, which has been the tradition since 2018.

There are some notable games that will take place during the 2018 regular season. The regular season will begin the the Kickoff Game which will be played on September 6th at 8:20 pm eastern time. This game can be seen on NBC. For the past several seasons, the NFL has played games in London. The 2018 season will be no different, as three games will take place in London. The NFL has signed an agreement with Tottenham Stadium in London, stating that for the next ten years, at least one game of the NFL regular season will be played there. This year, the Oakland Raiders will face the Seattle Seahawks at the stadium on October 14th at 1:00 pm eastern time. Two games will be played at Wembley Stadium in London. The Los Angeles Chargers will play the Tennessee Titans on October 21st at 9:30 am eastern time. The Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium on October 28th at 9:30 am eastern time. The NFL will also play a game in Mexico this year. The game will take place at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. The game will be on November 19th adn will pair the Los Angeles Rams against the Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL has signed an agreement to play at least one game per season at this stadium through the year 2021.

There will also be regular season NFL games on holidays. The tradition of three games on Thanksgiving continues this year. The early game, played at 12:30 pm eastern time, will feature the Detroit Lions playing the Chicago Bears. The afternoon game, played at 4:30 pm eastern time, will put the Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins. The night game will be played at 8:30 pm eastern time and will put the Atlanta Falcons up against the New Orleans Saints. For the second time in Monday Night Football history, a game will be played on Christmas Eve. The Denver Broncos will play the Oakland Raiders at the normal Monday Night Football game time.

Week 15 and 16 of the NFL regular season will have Saturday games played. Week 15 will have a 4:20 pm eastern time game and an 8:20 pm eastern time game. One game will feature the Houston Texans against the New York Jets and the other game will feature the Cleavland Browns and the Denver Broncos. The decision of who will play at which time will be made no later than week 8 of the regular season. Week 16 will move two games to Saturday, December 22nd and leave the other two to be played on Sunday as scheduled. The four games that have the potential to move to Saturday are the Baltimore Ravens versus the San Diego Chargers, the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Miami Dolphins, the New York Giants versus the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins taking on the Tennessee Titans. The decision of which two games will be moved to Saturday will be made no later than week 8 of the regular season.

The 2018 regular season could be the end of the current stadiums for the Carolina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders. Both teams enter into the final year of their agreements with their current stadiums, and at this time the future of where they will play after this season is currently undecided. The Oakland Raiders will be moving to a new stadium in Las Vegas starting with the 2020 regular season, so where they will be for the short term between this regular season and the 2020 regular season is up in the air.

The 2018 regular season will be the first season to address the players who choose to kneel for the National Anthem. Players, coaches and staff now have the option to stay off the field while the National Anthem is played, or if they are on the field, they must stand. If a player, coach or staff member who comes to the field decides to not stand, the league will fine the team and the team can decide on fines or discipline for each individual player or coach who does not stand.

The 2018 regular season is quickly shaping up to be an exciting year for football fans. Teams are already preparing and the pre season will be a good indication of what you can be prepared to see come the start of the regular season in September. It is safe to say that every NFL fan is counting down until kickofff in September.