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NFL Hall of Fame Game Live Stream 2018: Date, Start Time, TV Info

All eyes are on the NFL Hall of Fame Game 2018 and people are waiting anxiously for the big moment. The game will take place at famous Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, which is located in Canton, Ohio. It is near to the Hall of Fame building.

NFL Hall of Fame Game 2018

NFL Hall of Fame Game 2018

Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens are all set to face each other. Interesting fact about the event is that Chicago Bears are facing their fifth entry in the Hall of Fame Game; however, Baltimore Ravens are making their first-time appearance. It is always interesting to watch this kind of a match where one team is extremely new. Let us see the odds are in the favor of which of these two teams.

History shows that the Chicago Bears had a great record of accomplishment. They were able to defeat Dallas Cowboys in 1968. The scores between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys were 30-24 respectively. Chicago Bears took a lead on New York Jets in 1977 with a score of 20-6 respectively. They were able to be dominant over Cleveland Browns in 1990 with a score of 13-0 respectively. Once again, Chicago Bears were able to defeat Miami Dolphins in 2005 with a score of 27-24 respectively. Therefore, Chicago Bears have a perfect record of 4-0 in the history of Canton. When a team is such victorious all eyes are on that particular team and the pressure is usually higher on the counterpart.

Fans would be waiting anxiously to purchase the tickets to watch a team stepping first time on the ground, which has already been aware of victory by Chicago Bears multiple times. Tickets and packages are available to the audience from different sources and there is tons of information available online. It is wise to do a thorough research before making a final purchase decision.


The history of the game dates back to August 11, 1962, with New York Giants as the away team and St. Louis Cardinals as the home team. The date for the game this year is set as August 2, 2018, with Chicago Bears as the away team and Baltimore Ravens as the home team. 56 years have passed and there are still fans, which mean the game is a huge success among the masses. Last year the away team was Arizona Cardinals and the home team was Dallas Cowboys.

Start Time

The Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens will come face to face at 8 pm ET on Aug 2, 2018, as mentioned previously. It is wise to get free from all the house chores before this time and to get rid of all the important tasks for the day.

TV Info

Gone are the days when people would be able to see a certain sport by actually visiting the place. Over the years, technology has brought numerous changes in the life of modern individuals. One such advancement is in the form of a television. Over the years, the rights of coverage transfer from one channel to the next. The best thing about Hall of Fame Game is that it airs nationwide. Currently, NBC holds the right for the coverage since 2017. The rights are valid until 2019, which means that this air expects NFL Hall of Fame Game Live Stream on NBC. However, in 2020 NBC will cover Summer Olympics 2020 so the rights will shift to NFL Network or ESPN.

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Final Words

Watch the amazing NFL Hall of Fame Game between the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens on August 2, 2018, at 8 pm ET on NBC. Do not forget to keep the nachos, chips, beverages, and other items ready. Games become interesting when the family is around so there are people to cheer up with few family members taking a side of one team while the others belonging to the rivals. Chicago Bears have a history of winning 4 times in Canton while Baltimore Ravens are making their first-time appearance on the Hall of Fame Game, which will take place in Canton, Ohio. Fans are waiting anxiously for the big day and the big date is just around the corner.