Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens Live Stream Online 2018


The Bills vs Ravens will be going down at 1:00 PM ET on Sunday, September the 9th. The match will be happening in the M&T Bank Stadium. If you want to watch Bills vs Ravens live stream online you can follow our  NFL live stream guide

Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens Live Stream

Date: Sunday, Sep 09th
Game Time: 1:00 PM ET
Live Stream: FuboTV (free trial)
Location: M&T Bank Stadium

How to watch Bills vs Ravens live online

If you don’t have a cable does it mean you can’t watch the NFL matches? No! There are a number of online streaming services that you can benefit from.


This new FuboTV has been designed with the fans in mind. The station specializes in the sports networks of various kinds, unlike the other stations that offer entertainment services like the sling TV. For the NFL fans, with FuboTV it means that you can now access the various stations including CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports.

Sling TV

This is one of the cheapest options that you are likely to find in the market, offering NFL package. A Sling range package is one you can purchase that includes 29 channels. SlingTV comes along with added ESPN. This will, therefore, give you access to other streaming services which are contained in the ESPN. To expand you NFL package with sling TV, go for the Sling Blue package which is worth $25 every month. It also includes Fox and NBC which are over the air channels.

Hulu Live TV

For $39.99 a month, Hulu TV offers more than 50 channels. It includes the major networks which will be broadcasting the NFL games this year. They include CBS, Fox, and NBC. The Hulu Live give you ab access to the streaming services where you can each though the popular streaming devices.

Bills vs Ravens Game Preview

The 2017 regular season came to a close and gut-wrenching end for the Ravens as they were forced to watch the Cincinnati Bengals celebrate their win from their home field. The Bills for the first time since 1999 were sent out for the postseason. The Ravens were also not in a very good position. They were knocked out of the playoff chase in week 17 at M&T Stadium after the 31-27win by the Cincinnati.

With the unveiling of the NFL 2018 regular season game schedule, the Ravens will open it at their home against the bills. The Ravens have a great journey and handle to navigate since the postseason in 2014. This time there are no soft spots on the Ravens schedule. The game against the Tennessee Titans is the start of the four-game stretch where the Ravens will also face the Carolina Panthers on Oct 28 and then the Steelers at home. Remember all the four teams made it to the postseason in the previous year. The journey for the Ravens won’t be a very smooth one. Eight of 16 games in the 2018 regular season there are teams that made it to the playoffs in the previous season.

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The Buffalo Bills still being undecided on who will start the season due to the primary cornerback on the right side of the defense. They have rookie Tre’Davious Witch who is locking the field in the left side of the field. There is a fierce battle for the person to occupy the right side of the defense between Shareece Wright, Kevon Seymour, and EJ Gaines. Preseason in Saturday against the Baltimore Ravens was started by Wright and actually played the majority of the first half. His performance for the entire part was generally commendable.

The second half was covered by Games who played very well to keep the competition going at least for another week. At that position, the head coach, McDermott, was very excited. He even said, when speaking to the media, that the competition was really good. He confirmed that the players really battled the game all along. Seymour at that time had a shoulder injury and was therefore unable to play. His certainty was therefore defeated making it a two-man race before the regular season.

In the previous season, the Ravens took down Beltway rival, the Washington Redskins on 23-3 before having a destruction of the Miami Dolphins on a 31-7. Things are therefore shining and giving the Baltimore greater standing n the coming regular season.

The Bills are however not having a very smooth path. There is quite some player nursing various injuries. John Hughes who recently signed with the Bills is in the line to find a backup role in his team’s defensive line after suffering from a groin injury. The best part is that this is not considered a serious one. He, however, can’t be sidelined for long thus has to get healthy and back to the game. Bill’s Brando Reilly is also suffering from a rib injury in the game against the Panthers. He has plenty of first-team reps but the injury is also not being viewed as a serious one.

Buffalo Bills, however, have a lot to be positive about. The players are really producing nicely. They are even better positioned to achieve much. A seen in his 43 rushing yards in six carriers, Nathan Peterman who is their quarterback has a key role in t match. He has previously shown his full capability whenever needed. He is one of the few QBs to see the field in the next season and has raised confidence in the coming game.

The defense part is as well portraying great potential. They are however failing to present a win for the team. The entire unit has been very active in the field.


Between now and the opening match, so many things will have changed. The Bills path to the playoffs is already mapped out. In 2017, the Ravens were quite ball-hawks with a league-leading 34 takeaways. The Bills have a challenge ahead they will be without multiple players in the match due to injuries.

On the offensive line, one of the worst position groups in the Bills the last outing was the offensive line. Dion Dawkins will be forced to take the left tackle now that Glen is out. On the right side, instead of John Miller, Vlad Ducasse will stand at the guard.
The Ravens, on the other hand, have been on fire in their first two games. They are actually first in the league in the total defense and have even allowed 129 yards per game with over 100 yards better than the second position.

The Ravens are likely to continue with their dominance and thus have a 28-14 win against the Bills.

In conclusion

This match will mark the second time where the Bills have opened up the season in Baltimore. The last time they did was in 2016 and came with a loss though. It might seem like pretty early for this games predictions but the outcomes are very likely. As the game kicks off of in the M & T Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland, it’s not a wonder to see the outcomes changing. Place a bet and wait for the D-day as the two team face each other.

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